A man finds an open door in the middle of a storm and tsunami

With the plethora of new startups in the AI space, followed by numerous entrepreneurial efforts to find just the right market niche, we have all been inundated by “influencers” recommending the hottest new tool. Like the image above, I felt I was about to be swept away by a tsunami of technological innovation. But, I was encouraged to find out that the most popular AI applications are actually extensions of existing tried and true tools that have good market adoption and sound vertical and horizontal integration. This indicates to me that the design and development of these tools have come from internal development by domain experts that understand the complexity of cyber threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, end-point protection and cloud services automation. Below is a Perplexity Pro summary of the 10 most popular tools she discovered in response to my query.

An AI Take on the Question

Here are 10 of the most popular AI tools for improving cybersecurity for enterprises, based on the latest information from various sources:

  1. Darktrace – Utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect and respond to cyber threats in real-time, making it highly effective in identifying ongoing threats and acting as a robust defense mechanism[2][6].
  2. Cylance – Known for its proactive and intelligent threat prediction and neutralization capabilities, Cylance uses AI to enhance endpoint security and is particularly noted for its low false positive rates[1][2][6].
  3. Vectra AI – Specializes in network detection and response, using AI to analyze data and detect anomalies in network behavior, which helps in identifying and mitigating threats swiftly[2][15].
  4. CrowdStrike Falcon – Offers cloud-delivered endpoint protection that combines behavior-based prevention techniques with comprehensive threat intelligence to identify and stop breaches[4].
  5. IBM QRadar – Integrates AI to help automate threat detection and response processes, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of security operations[9].
  6. Symantec Endpoint Protection – Provides a suite of protection features that leverage AI to prevent, detect, and respond to threats at the endpoint level.
  7. Cisco Umbrella – Uses predictive intelligence to automate protection against threats before they can reach the network or endpoints.
  8. FireEye Helix – Offers advanced threat intelligence and automation capabilities to streamline response actions and improve the detection of advanced threats.
  9. SentinelOne – This AI-enhanced platform delivers autonomous endpoint protection that can prevent, detect, and respond to attacks at machine speed[2][3].
  10. Cybereason – Known for its operation-centric attack protection, Cybereason uses AI to deliver malware prevention, detection, and response, and to provide deep context and correlations to uncover malicious operations[2][8].

These tools leverage advanced AI and machine learning technologies to enhance their threat detection capabilities, automate responses, and provide a proactive approach to cybersecurity, making them essential for modern enterprise security strategies.


Like the figure that sees the open door at the base of the wave, we can eliminate some of the noise of the crashing wave by using tools that have a track record.

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