The Cyber Threat Intelligence Network, Inc. (CTIN) is a US-based consulting and training firm incorporated in Delaware and headquartered in Arizona.  Our founders are from the U.S. and Europe. Incorporated in 2014, we have a solid history of growth along with and in support of the the global cyber threat intelligence community.

We are one of the primary sponsors of the Sports-ISAO, an information exchange program for threats to professional and amateur sports.  The Sports-ISAO is a program of the Cyber Resilience Institute, a Colorado-based nonprofit.

Mission Statement

CTIN is a technology company dedicated to protecting organizations by incorporating the science of cyber threat intelligence into every service it offers and training program it develops. It develops on-the-ground, virtual and hybrid training sessions on cybersecurity, network and endpoint protection and cyber threat intelligence. We bring high quality solutions to our customers by working collaboratively towards the common goal of improving employee awareness of the threats of the cyber domain while showing them methods for reducing risks from these ubiquitous threats.

CTIN also supports policy development, on-premise to cloud migration initiatives, R&D demonstration projects and other jobs requiring knowledge of state-of-the art cybersecurity frameworks, approaches, and best practices.

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"The cybersecurity landscape can be daunting at the start of your career. Thankfully, I had the chance to work with [CTIN] at the beginning of mine."
Threat Hunter
"I have had the pleasure of working with [CTIN] over the past two years. We collaborated to support the Sports-ISAO World Cup and Winter Olympics with amazing success."
"[CTIN's training sessions] add advanced and crucial insights that are key to the present, yet also help people train-up and jump into higher proficiency levels."
Threat Analyst
"[A trainer at CTIN] shared her knowledge about STIX and how to use a threat intelligence platform for sharing cyber threat intelligence."
Project Manager

CTIN's President wins the OASIS Open 2020 Distinguished Contributor Award

Award Ceremony Video

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