Whether you are a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst, a computer science student, a cybersecurity hobbyist, or a member of law enforcement it is always important to keep learning new skills.  This is especially true at this time when the technologies of cyber threat intelligence are being deployed in many different types of organizations using many different tools  such as SIEMs, SOARs, and SASE products that need to be integrated into threat intelligence workflows.

To keep up with emerging standards, platform implementations, certifications and threat actor techniques today’s threat analysts must be lifelong learners. And, with online learning, it dosen’t matter where in the world you live! So join us.


This CTIN Training Center site has a very narrowly defined mission:  to provide the most up-to-date training on threat analysis at a reasonable price. Threat analysis is an evolving field that covers both cyber observable threat hunting and social media threat hunting.  But our training modules do not stop there.  We also have courses that will introduce you to some of the traditional intelligence analysis methodologies used for decades by intelligence and defense agencies.

Don’t get left behind.


In addition to the free self-guided courses we have available to you here in the Training drop-down menu, we offer multi-user discount packages or for a specialized training program for your company!

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