Major Tier 2 Route Leaks

According to a recent post by Qrator Labs, at 17:13 UTC on March 31, 2020, the AS50048 (NEWREAL-AS) leaked, in total, 2658 IPv4 network prefixes to the Tier-2 transit provider Transtelecom. Those prefixes included Orange, Akamai, Rostelecom and more than 300 other companies’ networks.

This route leak, in particular, is significant because of its spread. There were several waves, containing separate subnetworks. In fact, the total amount of separate IP addresses (approximately 13.5 million) was even higher than in the largest wave! Due to the periodic nature of the session’s capture (and keeping in mind that each wave contains mostly unique prefixes), we suppose that Transtelecom has a route rate limit set with each customer. This can be one of the reasons why this incident didn’t transform into an epic disaster — just the simple rate limit.

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