A Cybersecurity Automation Village, will be hosted by the Open Cybersecurity Alliance (OCA) Cybersecurity Automation SubProject (CASP) next Thursday and Friday, April 11th and 12th.  This event brings together global cybersecurity vendors, end-users, thought leaders, and individuals passionate about cybersecurity automation.

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The CASP Community plans to hold a two day HYBRID event featuring plugfest sessions, special guest speakers, contests and demonstrations. The objective is to present and demonstrate working interoperating systems contributing to cybersecurity automation, particularly across different participants and across the different standards.

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Explore a tentative list of projects (technologies, standards, open source) to be interworked in CASP use cases. For detailed demonstrations, refer to the Demo Use Case and Demo Use Case tech sections on the CASP Github site.

The Plugfest will be demonstrating multiple cybersecurity-related technical standards published by OASIS-Open, as well as the progress made by multiple OCA Subprojects.

In order to demonstrate interoperability between the standards and subprojects the participants are using a single use case from the 2018 Winter Olympics: a campaign dubbed ‘Olympic Destroyer.’ The following video gives a high-level overview of some of the features of this campaign that made it a good candidate for demonstrating interoperability.

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