OASIS Open – New Board of Directors

ByJane Ginn

August 2, 2022

Boston, MA, USA, 28 July 2022 – OASIS Open, the international standards and open source consortium, announced the results of its Board of Directors election. Duncan Sparrell of sFractal Consulting, and Bret Jordan were elected to the Board while Jeremy Allison of Google, Jim Cabral of InfoTrack, Gershon Janssen of Reideate, and Altaz Valani of Security Compass were re-elected to two-year terms. The continuing members of the OASIS Board, whose terms extend through July 2023, are Nima Dokoohaki, Ph.D., of Accenture; Ross Gardler of Microsoft; Anish Karmarkar, Ph.D., of Oracle; Jason Keirstead of IBM; and Daniel Riedel of Copado. 

The Board members’ extensive industry experience and dedication to serving the OASIS community helps extend the Board’s reach and further establishes OASIS as the home for open source projects and standards in cybersecurity, blockchain, privacy, cryptography, cloud computing, IoT, urban mobility, emergency management, and other content technologies.

“The OASIS Board reflects the tremendous diversity of our member base, bringing together executives from multinational companies, start-ups, and consultancies with interests across the spectrum of open innovation,” said Gershon Janssen, Director of Architecture at Reideate who chairs the OASIS Board of Directors. “It’s really a nexus of thought leadership–all focused on what’s ahead for OASIS, standards, and open source development.”

“OASIS Open has a culture of inclusive interaction and a long-standing tradition of excellence in creating and defining international standards,” said Bret Jordan, who co-chairs the OASIS CACAO cybersecurity playbooks committee. “OASIS promotes and enables open and freely available standards and specifications that are vital to the success of the technologies we all rely on every day. I am excited to once again serve on the OASIS Open Board of Directors.” 

“Having my peers entrust me to participate in setting the vision for a tremendously impactful organization like OASIS is at once a great honor, inestimable privilege, and serious responsibility,” said Duncan Sparrell, a former AT&T executive who co-chairs the OASIS OpenC2 cybersecurity standards group. “All of which leave me feeling humbled and grateful to have been selected as a member of the Board of Directors.”

Jeremy Allison of Google’s Open Source Program Office said, “I am very grateful to the OASIS Community for being given a chance to continue to serve OASIS on behalf of Google. OASIS does important work for the global IT industry and helps coordinate our members in creating useful standards and Open Source projects, and it is an honor to be able to be on the OASIS Board of Directors.”

Jim Cabral, VP, Court Relations at  InfoTrack US said, “I am grateful to be elected to continue serving on the OASIS board supporting open standards and open source globally. OASIS specifications and standards enable entire industries, from cybersecurity to business contracts to legal technologies and more. I am happy to support this important work and wonderful community.”

Altaz Valani, Director of Insights Research at Security Compass said, “Today, technology and security are both evolving at breakneck speed. To this end, OASIS has a clear mission to contribute open standards and open source operational artifacts which tie technology stacks and operational security. Members of OASIS communities are tackling significant, real world problems that help organizations and teams build secure products.” 

OASIS expressed deep appreciation to outgoing Board Members Rich Bowen of Amazon, and Wende Peters of Bank of America, whose time, leadership, and contributions have significantly helped grow and improve the consortium.

Additional Information:

OASIS Board of Directors — https://www.oasis-open.org/board

About OASIS:

One of the most respected, nonprofit open source and open standards bodies in the world, OASIS advances the fair, transparent development of open source software and standards through the power of global collaboration and community. OASIS is the home for worldwide standards in IoT, cybersecurity, blockchain, privacy, cryptography, cloud computing, urban mobility, emergency management, and other content technologies. Many OASIS standards go on to be ratified by de jure bodies and referenced in international policies and government procurement. More information can be found at www.oasis-open.org.

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