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A clash of two geopolitical systems shown as flags on box cars
Jane Ginn

The Cyber Cold War: Separating Fact from Fiction in US-China Cyber Relations

The ChinaDaily introduction to the CCIA’s report claimed that the authors of the CCIA report used an empirical analysis; however, limited sources were cited. Furthermore, it claimed the use of “government documents, global cybersecurity companies, research institutions, and news media,” however, it did not include a set of references.

Since the narrative was so highly biased and since it reflected many common CCP troupes aimed at vilifying the United States I have taken on the task of countering each of their narratives.

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Jane Ginn

Knigsfot: The Covert Cyber Assault on Global Infrastructure

A Backdoor Trojan called by same antivirus firms ‘Beaugrit’ which has been active since 2017, has been identified beaconing out to a command and control server through a MooseFS distributed network. Its purpose is to deploy espionage-type malware from a dropper malicious infrastructure network located in China and the US.

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